The Damned Universe of Charles Fort

Louis Kaplan (Editor); Charles Fort (Contributor)


Publisher: Autonomedia
Binding: pb
Pages: 160
Released: January 6, 1993
ISBN-13: 9780936756523

The American cosmographer Charles Fort (1874–1932) spent the last 25 years of his life in the obsessive collection of anomalous and exceptional data rejected by the sciences of his day. Fort called this crazy collection of outcasted data "the procession of the damned"—rains of fishes and frogs, black snow in Switzerland, sightings of the unidentified, the spontaneous combustion of bodies, or the telekinetic powers of poltergeist girls. Fort published his extraordinary findings and marvelous speculations in four volumes offering an alternative and damned universe. In this book, Louis Kaplan has arranged the most inspiring and entertaining of Fort's texts in a wild montage and introduces the reader to the hyphenated zones of Fortean science.
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