2021 Colors from Palestine Calendar

Resistance Art (Editor)

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Publisher: Resistance Art
Format: Calendar
Binding: Wall Calendar
Released: October 13, 2020

The 2021 Colors from Palestine calendar is tribute to the late Palestinian Novelist and artist Ghassan Kanafani. He was the voice of Palestine; his words spoke of resistance, dispossession and Exile. But resistance featured prominently in almost everything he wrote.
Ghassan Kanafani was a man of great originality and many talents. He wrote short stories, novels, and plays as well as journalistic articles and analytic studies.

Many of his works have been translated and published in sixteen languages. He was also a talented painter. After he was assassinated, some of his novels and stories were turned into feature films or shorts, such as his first novel Men in the Sun, which in 1973 was adapted into a feature film entitled The Deceived.

Kanafani was assassinated in Beirut on 8 July 1972. The Israeli Mossad had placed an explosive charge in his car, which killed him and his niece, Lamis, who happened to be with him. He was buried in Beirut.

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