The City of Dreadful Night

James Thomson (Author), Clifford Harper (Illustrator)


Publisher: Agraphia Press
Binding: pb
Pages: 80
Released: January 1, 2003
ISBN-13: 9781904596011

James Thomson's epic poem "The City Of Dreadful Night" first appeared in 1874 and achieved some fame in its day, as it was read by many. In the decades that followed, however, the poem and the poet sank into obscurity, becoming known only to a few. Thomson's poem is a deeply questioning and extremely dark vision of the City that we inhabit. But more than that, it challenges the illusions that inhabit us. Thomson - atheist, alcoholic, anarchist and insomniac - speaks to us all from the place where we live.
This new edition is illustrated with eight drawings by Clifford Harper, and will hopefully help give the poem a new audience, and a new fame. Includes a critical biography of Thomson and his work by Dr. Philip Tew. Agraphia is Harper's own publishing imprint, and as you'd expect, the books are exquisitely designed, illustrated and printed. I
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