Memory Against Forgetting

(Casey Neill Trio, Music)


Publisher: AK Press
Format: CD
Released: January 12, 2004

"Memories. Little pictures of the past that live in our heads—some of them buried, some front and center. We'll never remember things as they were. Time distorts things and people revise events into what is called history. It's a weak substitute. It's like Aunt Sally says, "some of them you can live with and some of them you can't.
"This is a collection of songs steeped in memories I've lived, lived by others, never lived at all. They span 10 years of my recording career and fluctuate in style, form, and instrumentation. I was different people, and I am all too much the fucking same. The songs are culled from live shows, lost tracks, compilations, and an out of print CD called Riffraff. It's only the ones I can still live with.
"People call songs like this topical (is it anesthesia? Am I at the dentist? Don't all songs have a topic?). The many country songs I write about losing the girl aren't here, anyway. Since this is mostly archival material, these aren't timely responses to current events. They are simply stories that hopefully speak to something bigger. And some piss and vinegar too."—Casey Neil, from the liner notes
Fourteen tracks, 70 minutes. The third in the AK Folk Series, and a proud addition to the collection. Contemporary, political folk (not to mention Celtic) at its finest.
AK press

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