Cyberfeminism Next Protocols

Verena Kuni (Author); Yvonne Vokart (Contributor); Marina Grzinic (Contributor); Andrew Sick (Contributor); Claudia Reiche (Editor)


Publisher: Autonomedia
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 342
Released: January 11, 2004
ISBN-13: 9781570271496

Almost two dozen artists, theorists, and academics take cyberfeminism to the next level. With approaches coming from art, theory, and activism, Cyberfeminism invents and documents a cyberfeminism dedicated to the wilderness of precise critique and experimental thinking. Andrea Sick, Marina Grzinic, Yvonne Vokart, Amme-Marie Schleiner, Julie Doyle, Ulrike Bergermann, Christina Goestle, The Old Boys Network, and more reach boldly into the utopian gap between the now and its possible futures.
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