Bury the Corpse of Colonialism The Revolutionary Feminist Conference of 1949

Elisabeth B. Armstrong (Author)


Publisher: University of California Press
Binding: pb
Pages: 206
Released: March 14, 2023
ISBN-13: 9780520390911

In 1949, revolutionary activists from Asia hosted a conference in Beijing that gathered together their comrades from around the world. The Asian Women’s Conference developed a new political strategy, demanding that women from occupying colonial nations contest imperialism with the same dedication as women whose countries were occupied. <i>Bury the Corpse of Colonialism</i> shows how activists and movements create a revolutionary theory over time and through struggle—in this case, by launching a strategy for anti-imperialist feminist internationalism.

At the heart of this book are two stories. The first describes how the 1949 conference came to be, how it was experienced, and what it produced. The second follows the delegates home. What movements did they represent? Whose voices did they carry? How did their struggles hone their praxis? By examining the lives of more than a dozen AWC participants, <i>Bury the Corpse of Colonialism</i> traces the vital differences at the heart of internationalist solidarity for women’s emancipation in a world structured through militarism, capitalism, patriarchy, and the seeming impossibility of justice.

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