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The Bottled Wasp: Pocket Diary 2018

The Bottled Wasp: Pocket Diary 2018

The Escape Committee (Author)

  • Publisher: Brighton ABC / Active Distribution
  • Format: Calendar
  • Binding: pb/calendar
  • Released: Oct 31, 2017


Now in its sixth year of production, the 2018 Bottled Wasp tackles the history of industrial struggles and the rights of workers to organise and fight for those rights that have been handed down to us. Featuring over 200 important industrial disputes and strikes, such as the 1912 ‘Bread & Roses’ Textile Strike, the 1883 Żyrardów Spoolers’ Strike and 1910 Grève de la Thune, together with some of the many union organisations and leading individuals who took part in those events, in addition to the court cases that resulted from the numerous attempts at suppressing those activities in order to maintain the status quo in the battle of organised labour against capital; the 2018 Bottled Wasp continues to present radical history in a friendly pocket-size format.

The Bottled Wasp project is a not-for-profit fundraiser, with all profits from the diaries going to organisations and charities working with prisoners, in particular the Anarchist Black Cross network.

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