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  1. Brave: Young Women's Global Revolution

    Brave: Young Women's Global Revolution

    Volume 2—Regional Activism

    Gayle Kimball


    Brave explores young women’s activism globally, based on hundreds of interviews—some videotaped and YouTube, and over 4,000 surveys from 88 countries. What makes Brave revolutionary is its global...

  2. Zapantera Negra

    Zapantera Negra

    Marc James Léger


    What is the role of revolutionary art in times of distress? When Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party, accepted an invitation from the art collective EDELO and the...

  3. Cooperatives Confront Capitalism

    Cooperatives Confront Capitalism

    Challenging the Neo-Liberal Economy

    Peter Ranis


    Business co-operatives can offer successful alternative models of decision making, employment, and operation without the existence of managerial and hierarchical structures. Through case...

  4. Rebellion in Patagonia

    Rebellion in Patagonia

    Osvaldo Bayer


    A nuanced study of strikes led by the powerful anarcho-syndicalist labor union FORA against the despotic landowners and industrialists of Argentina’s Patagonia region in 1921–1922. The tale ends...

  5. Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan

    Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan

    MIM(Prisons) Study Group


    This new book presents the history of the Chicano movement, exploring the colonialism and semi-colonialism that frames the Chican@ national identity.

  6. 1491


    Una Nueva Historia De La Americas Antes De Colon

    Charles C. Mann


    Tradicionalmente, nos han enseñado que los primeros habitantes de América entraron en el continente atravesando el estrecho de Bering doce mil años antes de la llegada de Colón. Se daba por...

  7. The Poorer Nations

    The Poorer Nations

    A Possible History of the Global South

    Vijay Prashad


    A truly global history that examines the prospects of a worldwide power shift from North to South. Since the ’70s, the countries of the Global South have struggled to build political...

  8. Agrietar el capitalismo

    Agrietar el capitalismo

    El hacer contra el trabajo

    John Holloway


    A casi 10 años de la publicación de “Cambiar el mundo sin tomar el poder”, el trabajo teórico que impactó a las ciencias sociales, al debate político intelectual y a numerosos movimientos...

  9. Brasil potencia

    Brasil potencia

    Entre la integración regional y un nuevo imperialismo

    Raúl Zibechi


    En la transición que vivimos hacia un mundo multipolar, Brasil será una de las ocho potencias globales que jugarán un papel preponderante en las relaciones internacionales. Para la región...

  10. Pensar Las Autonomias

    Pensar Las Autonomias

    John Holloway


    Pensar las autonomías reúne los trabajos de John Holloway, Ana Esther Ceceña, Raúl Zibechi, Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar, Gilberto López y Rivas,...

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