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  1. Arab Spring, Libyan Winter

    Arab Spring, Libyan Winter

    Vijay Prashad


    This brief, timely analysis situates the assault on Libya in the context of the winds of revolt that swept through the Middle East in the Spring of 2011. Vijay Prashad explores the recent history...

  2. Palante


    Voices and Photographs of the Young Lords, 1969–1971

    Young Lords Party


    In 1969, a group of young, primarily Puerto Rican activists founded the Young Lords Party in New York City, taking inspiration from the Black Panther Party. Organizing directly in Latino/a...

  3. Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs

    Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs

    A Novel

    D.D. Johnston


    Wayne Foster is fed up. How long can you work in a dead-end job as a full-time burger-flipper in a small town in Scotland before you start to wonder what comes next? Add a likeable geek with a love...

  4. Revolt and Crisis in Greece

    Revolt and Crisis in Greece

    Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come

    Dimitris Dalakoglou


    Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come is a collective attempt to grapple with these questions. A collaboration between anarchist publishing...

  5. Los Ritmos del Pachakuti

    Los Ritmos del Pachakuti

    Levantamiento y Movilizacion en Bolivia (2000–2005)

    Raquel Gutierrez Aguilar


    Los ritmos del Pachakuti es una apuesta por comprender y visibilizar desde puntos diversos de la geografía latinoamericana, las posibilidades existentes y latentes de resistencia y...

  6. Contrainsurgencia y Miseria

    Contrainsurgencia y Miseria

    Las Politcas de Combate a la Pobreza en America Latina

    Raul Zibechi


    No importa tanto que sistema sea el que pueda surgir de la multiplicidad de practicas no capitalistas existentes hoy en el mundo. Las clases dominates perciben/saben que alli anidan peligros que...

  7. Crisis in the Global Economy

    Crisis in the Global Economy

    Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios

    Andrea Fumagalli


    Crisis in the Global Economy is the latest and most innovative collective reflection on the state of global capitalism, developed in the mobile "multiversity" of the UniNomade network of...

  8. Signs of Change

    Signs of Change

    Social Movement Cultures, 1960s to Now

    Josh MacPhee


    “If you care about social change, this may well be the most important ‘art history’ book that you will ever read.” —The Yes Men, art activists Drawn from an exhibition at Exit Art, a cultural...

  9. No Cause for Indictment

    No Cause for Indictment

    An Autopsy of Newark

    Ronald Porambo


    The definitive account of the buildup, chaos, and aftermath of one of the worst urban riots in US history: the 1967 Newark riots. Re-issued on the fortieth anniversary of the devastating event,...

  10. Revolt on Goose Island

    Revolt on Goose Island

    The Chicago Factory Takeover, and What It Says About the Economic Crisis

    Kari Lydersen


    December 5, 2008: It wasn't supposed to work like this. Days after getting a $45 billion bailout from the USgovernment, Bank of America shut down a line of credit that kept Chicago's Republic...

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