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  1. Anarchism in Galicia

    Anarchism in Galicia

    Organisation, Resistance and Women in the Underground

    Paul Sharkey


    The Anarchist movement in Galicia is unknown to English-language readers. This pamphlet will fill the gap! These essays tells the stories of the men and women who built it, fought for it, and how...

  2. Anti-Fascist


    Martin Lux


    From Phoenix Press! It's the late 1970s in Britain, and racism, especially in the form of the National Front, is getting worse—much worse...Anti-Fascist is a personal account...

  3. Beating Fascism

    Beating Fascism

    Anarchist Anti-Fascism in Theory and Practice

    Anna Key


    Anarchists have never hung back in the fight against fascism. This pamphlet covers the physical and ideological battles that anarchists have waged against fascism and its authoritarian dream. It...

  4. On An(archy) & Schizoanalysis

    On An(archy) & Schizoanalysis

    Rolando Perez


    Using the "anti-oedipal" insights of Deleuze and Guattari's classic work on capitalism and schizophrenia, Perez argues for "anti-fascist strategies in everyday life." He reads Nietzsche,...

  5. Red Army Faction

    Red Army Faction

    The Urban Guerilla Concept

    Red Army Faction


    The first major ideological text from West Germany's most famous urban guerillas. This document merits attention from anyone who wants to understand the motivation and ideology behind the beginning...

  6. The Buenos Aires Tragedy

    The Buenos Aires Tragedy

    The Last Fight of Severino di Giovanni & Paul Scarfo

    L. Adunata Dei Refrattari


    No discussion of Italian anarchism, the movement in Argentina or illegalism can pass over Severino di Giovanni and his comrades in silence. With both written propaganda and acts of violence they...

  7. My Enemy's Enemy

    My Enemy's Enemy

    Essays On Globalization, Fascism and the Struggle Against Capitalism

    Anti-Fascist Forum


    A welcome collection of essays exposing some of the more troublesome characteristics, reactionary tendencies, and unsavory elements in the struggle against globalization. Not everyone campaigning...

  8. Continuing Appeal of Nationalism

    Continuing Appeal of Nationalism

    Fredy Perlman


    Why do the ideas of nation and race still have such an influence even after the lessons of fascism have been so widely drawn? An excellent analysis by the late Fredy Perlman that answers this...

  9. The Anarchist Resistance to Franco

    The Anarchist Resistance to Franco

    Antonio Tellez


    A collection of pictures of Anarchist fighters against post-war Francoism. Includes biographical notes by Antonio Tellez. "The post-civil war Resistance was not wiped from memory. Like Franco's...

  10. Dreamer of the Day

    Dreamer of the Day

    Francis Parker Yockey And The Postwar Fascist International

    Kevin Coogan


    This astonishing biography (all 656 pages!) traces the clandestine career of one's man's life inside a John Le Carre-like story of very real-world espionage, conspiracy, and ruthless political...

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