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  1. This is an Honour Song

    This is an Honour Song

    Twenty Years Since the Blockades

    Kiera L. Ladner


    This is an Honour Song is a collection of narratives, poetry, and essays exploring the broad impact of the 1990 resistance at Kanehsatà:ke, otherwise known as the "Oka Crisis." The...

  2. Dispersing Power

    Dispersing Power

    Social Movements as Anti-State Forces

    Raul Zibechi


    Raúl Zibechi is one of Latin America's leading political theorists. This, his first book translated into English, is an historical analysis of social struggles in Bolivia and the forms of...

  3. Feminism Without Borders

    Feminism Without Borders

    Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity

    Chandra Talpade Mohanty


    Bringing together classic and new writings of the trailblazing feminist theorist Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Feminism without Borders addresses some of the most pressing and complex issues...

  4. 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance

    500 Years of Indigenous Resistance

    Gord Hill


    The history of the colonization of the Americas by Europeans is often portrayed as a mutually beneficial process, in which "civilization" was brought to the Natives, who in return shared their land...

  5. Dishonour of the Crown

    Dishonour of the Crown

    The Ontario Resource Regime in the Valley of the Kiji Sìbì

    Paula Sherman


    The territory of the Omàmìwinini (Algonquin) peoples of southern Ontario is rich with natural resources. Yet for more than four centuries, the Algonquin have been economically and...

  6. The Red Indians

    The Red Indians

    Aboriginal Resistance To Capitalism In Canada Now and Then

    Peter Kulchyski


    The Red Indians is a theoretically nuanced, frank, and accessible book about Aboriginal resistance in Canada, historical and contemporary. In the manner of Eduardo Galeano's famous trilogy...

  7. Lighting the Eighth Fire

    Lighting the Eighth Fire

    The Liberation, Resurgence, and Protection of Indigenous Nations

    Leanne Simpson


    This remarkable collection of essays by leading Indigenous scholars focuses on the themes of freedom, liberation and Indigenous resurgence as they relate to the land. They analyze treaties,...

  8. Columbus and other Cannibals

    Columbus and other Cannibals

    The Wtiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism

    Jack D. Forbes


    Celebrated Native American thinker Jack D. Forbes's Columbus and Other Cannibals was one of the founding texts of the anticivilization movement when it was first published in 1978. His...

  9. The Price of Fire

    The Price of Fire

    Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia

    Benjamin Dangl


    New social movements have emerged in Bolivia over the "price of fire"—access to basic elements of survival like water, gas, land, coca, employment, and other resources. Though these movements...

  10. Legacy to Liberation

    Legacy to Liberation

    Politics & Culture of Revolutionary Asian/Pacific America

    Fred Ho


    The Black Panther Party and the Brown Berets live on in our historical memory, but what of the revolutionary groups which came out of Asian America in the late 60s and early 70s? Compiled by...

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