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  1. Community


    The Structure of Belonging

    Peter Block

    $21.95 $16.46

    Backed by extensive research, this book explores the benefits of community and belonging to foster social change and reconciliation.

  2. Small Predators

    Small Predators

    Jennifer Ilse Black

    $18.95 $14.21

    Struggling to imagine a resistance that isn’t futile, the young activists in this work of experimental fiction turn violently on themselves and each other, creating sites of political action and care.

  3. The Trial Before the Trial

    The Trial Before the Trial

    Ernest Larsen

    $17.95 $13.46

    Until now, no one has ever written a book about how the secret grand jury system works in this country from the inside—from the point of view of a grand juror. The Trial before the Trial is that...

  4. I Am Action

    I Am Action

    Literary And Combat Articles, Thoughts, and Revolutionary Chronicles

    Praxedis G. Guerrero

    $15.00 $11.25

    Articles and poems from Ricardo Flores Magón’s trusted comrade, the Mexican revolutionary who wrote for the papers Revolucíon, Punto Rojo,...

  5. Welcome Distractions

    Welcome Distractions

    Accessible Poems for Time-Stapped Humans

    Carol Wierzbicki

    $15.95 $11.96

    "Wierzbicki successfully challenges the notion of what poetry is as she generously takes us to its core/essence. Be ready to open your mind/heart fully to get poetically distracted!"

  6. Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg

    Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg

    This Is Our Territory

    Gidigaa Migizi (Doug Williams)

    $19.95 $14.96

    In this engaging oral history, Doug Williams, Anishinaabe elder, recounts the history of the Michi Saagiig Nisnaabeg, tracing through personal and historical events, and presenting what manifests...

  7. Flasher


    A Memoir

    Tsaurah Litzky

    $16.95 $12.71

    "The powerful testimony of woman/human/poet/writer/collagist Tsaurah Litzky whose life is always lived to the maximum in ways only a courageous human spirit can manifest. Written with her uniquely...

  8. Fantasyland


    How American Went Haywire: A 500-Year History

    Kurt Andersen

    $18.00 $13.50

    This sweeping, eloquent history of America shows that what’s happening in our country today—this post-factual, “fake news” moment we’re all living through—is not something new, but rather the...

  9. Democracy in Chains

    Democracy in Chains

    The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

    Nancy MacLean

    $18.00 $13.50

    In a brilliant and engrossing narrative, Nancy MacLean shows how Nobel Prize winning political economist James McGill Buchanan forged his ideas about government in a last gasp attempt to...

  10. Carceral Capitalism

    Carceral Capitalism

    Jackie Wang

    $13.95 $10.46

    Essays on the contemporary continuum of incarceration: the biopolitics of juvenile delinquency, predatory policing, the political economy of fees and fines, and algorithmic policing.

Items 11 to 20 of 1193 total

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