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  1. The Future is Female!

    The Future is Female!

    25 Classic Science Fiction Stories By Women from Pulp Pioneers to Ursula K. Le Guin

    Lisa Yaszek

    $27.95 $20.96

    Imagining strange worlds and unexpected futures, looking into and beyond new technologies and scientific discoveries, in utopian fantasies and tales of cosmic horror, these women-created...

  2. Radical Reproductive Justice

    Radical Reproductive Justice

    Foundations, Theory, Practice, Critique

    Loretta Ross

    $29.95 $22.46

    This anthology assembles two decades’ of work initiated by SisterSong Women of Color Health Collective, creators of the human rights-based “reproductive justice” framework to move...

  3. Brave: Young Women's Global Revolution

    Brave: Young Women's Global Revolution

    Volume 2—Regional Activism

    Gayle Kimball

    $29.95 $22.46

    Brave explores young women’s activism globally, based on hundreds of interviews—some videotaped and YouTube, and over 4,000 surveys from 88 countries. What makes Brave revolutionary is its global...

  4. Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution

    Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution

    Vol. 1 Global Issues

    Gayle Kimball

    $29.99 $22.49

    Brave explores young women’s global activism, based on hundreds of interviews and over 4,000 surveys from eighty-eight countries, it includes popular cultural references and...

  5. Revolution in Rojava

    Revolution in Rojava

    Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in the Syrian Kurdistan

    Michael Knapp

    $27.00 $20.25

    Given the widespread violence and suffering in Syria, it's not unreasonable that outsiders look at the situation as unrelentingly awful. And while the reality of the devastation is undeniable,...

  6. The Riot Grrrl Collection

    The Riot Grrrl Collection

    Lisa Darms

    $34.95 $26.21

    For the past two decades, young women (and men) have found their way to feminism through Riot Grrrl. Against the backdrop of the culture wars and before the rise of the Internet or desktop...

  7. Pleasure Bound

    Pleasure Bound

    Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism

    Deborah Lutz

    $27.95 $20.96

    In 1860s London, two loosely overlapping groups of bohemians—the Cannibal Club and the Aesthetes—challenged the buttoned-up Victorian propriety to promote erotic freedom and expression....

  8. The Hidden 1970s

    The Hidden 1970s

    Histories of Radicalism

    Dan Berger

    $27.95 $20.96

    The 1970s were a complex, multilayered, and critical part of an era of profound societal change and an essential component of the decade before-several of the most iconic events of "the sixties"...

  9. Framing Identity

    Framing Identity

    Social Practices of Photography in Canada (1880–1920)

    Susan Close

    $29.95 $22.46

    Framing Identity examines how Canadian women at the turn of the 20th century used photography as a social practice to establish identity. Specifically, Close studies the photographic...

  10. Pretty In Punk

    Pretty In Punk

    Girls' Gender Resistance in a Boys' Subculture

    Lauraine Leblanc

    $27.95 $20.96

    What attracts girls to male-dominated youth subcultures like the punk movement? How do girls reconcile a subcultural identity that is deliberately coded masculine with the demands of femininity?...

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