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  1. Personal Recollections of the Anarchist Past

    Personal Recollections of the Anarchist Past

    George Cores


    Written in 1947, these are recollections from the inside of the anarchist movement (1883–1939) by a forgotten veteran who participated in many of the formative events of British anarchism....

  2. Beware! Anarchist!

    Beware! Anarchist!

    A Life For Freedom

    Augustin Souchy


    The incredible autobiography of an incredible man. Souchy fought in the Spanish Revolution;was a serious and knowledgeable student of Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin and Gusav Landauer; a consistent...

  3. Social Defense

    Social Defense

    Social Change

    Brian Martin


    Argues for social defense as a grassroots initiative linked to challenges to oppressive structures in society, such as patriarchy, police, and the state. Filled with examples from Finland to Fiji.

  4. The Jonestown Massacre

    The Jonestown Massacre

    the Transcript of Reverend Jim Jones' Last Speech, Guyana 1978

    Jim Jones


    This new edition includes an introduction by Karl Eden putting events in Waco, Texas into context.

  5. Freedom To Roam

    Freedom To Roam

    Harold Sculthorpe


    Short, witty essays by a rambler on the problems encountered in walking in the countryside as the military, large landowners, factory farmers and, more recently, water companies, try to exclude...

  6. Test Card F

    Test Card F

    Television, Mythinformation And Social Control



    Test Card F is a graphic demolition derby through the culture of a factory farmed and show-shocked society, a society whose sell-by date has long since expired. Using savage image/text cut and...

  7. William Blake

    William Blake

    Visionary Anarchist

    Peter Marshall


    This short study draws on Blake's complete writings, his poetry and his prose. It offers a lively and perceptive account of his thought, ranging from his philosophy, his critique of existing...

  8. Open Creation And Its Enemies

    Open Creation And Its Enemies

    Asger Jorn


    Three texts from one of the founders of the Lettrists and the Situationist International, all translated from Internationale Situationniste. Open Creation establishes how Jorn used developments in...

  9. Visions Of Poesy

    Visions Of Poesy

    Clifford Harper


    "This anthology brings together for the first time some of the best anarchist poetry of this century, over 200 hundred poems from 70 poets...Their poetry speaks of immense events that touch us...

  10. Isadora Speaks

    Isadora Speaks

    Writings & Speeches Of Isadora Duncan

    Isadora Duncan


    This outstanding collection of the great dancer's heretofore uncollected writings and speeches gives us a vivid new perception of her importance as an original and radical thinker. Starting with...

Items 51 to 60 of 1903 total

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