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  • Belly of the Beast

    The Politics of Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness Da'Shaun L. Harrison

    Special Price $11.21 was $14.95
  • Creative Interventions Toolkit

    A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal ViolenceCreative Interventions

    Special Price $30.00 was $40.00
  • The Nation on No Map

    Black Anarchism and AbolitionWilliam C. Anderson

    Special Price $11.25 was $15.00
  • Carceral Con

    The Deceptive Terrain of Criminal Justice ReformKay Whitlock

    Special Price $17.21 was $22.95
  • Abolition for the People

    The Movement for a Future without Policing and PrisonsColin Kaepernick

    Special Price $20.25 was $27.00
  • In the Camps

    China's High-Tech Penal ColonyDarren Byler

    Special Price $11.99 was $15.99
  • Becoming Abolitionists

    Police, Protests, and the Pursuit of Freedom Derecka Purnell

    Special Price $18.00 was $28.00
  • Lessons in Liberation

    An Abolitionist Toolkit for EducatorsThe Education for Liberation Network & Critical Resistance Editorial Collective

    Special Price $18.75 was $25.00
  • America on Fire

    The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960sElizabeth Hinton

    Special Price $18.00 was $29.95
  • Above the Law

    How "Qualified Immunity" Protects Violent PoliceBen Cohen

    Special Price $9.75 was $13.00
  • Violent Order

    Essays on the Nature of PoliceDavid Correia

    Special Price $14.96 was $19.95
  • Bird Uncaged

    An Abolitionist's Freedom SongMarlon Peterson

    Special Price $21.00 was $28.00
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