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  1. The East End Years

    The East End Years

    A Stepney Childhood

    Fermin Rocker

    $23.00 $17.25

    Fermin Rocker was born in the East End of London in 1907, the son of Rudolf Rocker, the famous anarchist theorist, activist and disciple of Kropotkin. A book illustrator, and painter, in exploring...

  2. Sister of the Road

    Sister of the Road

    The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha

    Ben Reitman

    $18.00 $13.50

    Another raging slab of real American history you're not likely to find in the textbooks. It's a window into a wildly under-appreciated dropout culture that gets left out of the stultifying...

  3. Crimes of the Beats

    Crimes of the Beats

    The Unbearables

    $16.00 $12.00

    One evening, the Unbearable Beatniks of Light were bemoaning the sorry state of radical culture, and asked themselves what single act they could do to release themselves from their past, while at...

  4. Society Against the State

    Society Against the State

    Essays In Political Anthropology

    Pierre Clastres

    $21.95 $16.46

    Can there be a society that is not divided into oppressors and oppressed, or that refuses coercive state apparatuses? In this landmark text in anthropology, Clastres offers examples of South...

  5. The Movement Of The Free Spirit

    The Movement Of The Free Spirit

    Raoul Vaneigem

    $22.95 $17.21

    A fiercely partisan historical reflection on the ways religious and economic forces have shaped Western culture. Within this broad frame, Vaneigem examines the heretical and millenarian movements...

  6. Information Liberation

    Information Liberation

    Brian Martin

    $24.95 $18.71

    Strategies for freeing information from the distortions of power in mass media, bureaucracies, intellectual property, surveillance, research and the like.

  7. No Regrets

    No Regrets

    Dr. Ben Reitman and the Women Who Loved Him

    Mecca Reitman Carpenter

    $19.95 $14.96

    The story of the legendary Ben Reitman, told by a daughter who dared explore her family's hidden past, searching in letters and family records for the secrets of her long-dead father, and the women...

  8. Assata


    An Autobiography

    Assata Shakur

    $18.95 $14.21

    Arrested on the New Jersey Turnpike, convicted after 7 trials, broken out of prison and escaped to asylum in Cuba, where she lives today. The underground railroad is still in business. The...

  9. Surrealist Experiences

    Surrealist Experiences

    1001 Drawings, 221 Midnights

    Penelope Rosemont

    $24.00 $18.00

    Penelope Rosemont's first book of articles and essays. It includes nearly two dozen texts originally published in surrealist journals from 1970 through the 90s, plus eleven that appear here for the...

  10. The Golden Book of Springfield

    The Golden Book of Springfield

    Vachel Lindsay

    $22.00 $16.50

    Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931) was the most intensely romantic US poet of his generation. Less well known is the fact that Lindsay was also a radical critic of the white supremacy, greed, misery,...

Items 61 to 70 of 1199 total

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