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  1. The American Labor Movement

    The American Labor Movement

    A New Beginning

    Sam Dolgoff


    Four essays by the noted anarcho-syndicalist discuss the development of the US labor movement in terms of the constant conflict between its revolutionary and conservative tendencies.

  2. Men, Sexism, and the Class Struggle

    Men, Sexism, and the Class Struggle

    Men Against Sexist Shit


    "The purpose of this booklet is to positively contribute to and stimulate some genuine debate about the role that we (as working class men) perform in the oppression of working class women in this...

  3. Si, Se Puede!/Yes, We Can!

    Si, Se Puede!/Yes, We Can!

    Janitor Strike In L.A.

    Diana Cohn


    This bilingual children's book honors the 8,000 L.A. janitors who, in April 2000, put down their mops and brooms and went on strike. It tells the story of Carlitos, whose mother cleans offices....

  4. British Syndicalism

    British Syndicalism

    Pages Of Labour History

    Tom Brown


    A collection of writings by the well known activist and propagandist Tom Brown who was active in the anarchist movement from the 1930's through the 1960's. These articles explain both the history...

  5. No War But the Class War!

    No War But the Class War!

    Libertarian Anti-Militarism Then and Now

    Anna Key


    This pamphlet represents 110 years of anti-militarist propaganda, from Spain's last imperialist adventure in 1893, thorugh the First World War right up to the 'War On Terror'. It includes Randolph...

  6. Wildcat


    Anarchists Against Bombs

    Donald Rooum


    The anarchist black cat and friends (including a walking round bomb) take on the global arms trade, and militarism, in this latest collection of barbed (and hilarious) anarchist political...

  7. Clenched Fists Empty Pockets

    Clenched Fists Empty Pockets

    Fredric Carlsson-Andersson


    Six working-class activists from Sweden discuss their experiences with class and middle-class hegemony in a variety of left-wing scenes and organizations.

  8. Queer Liberation is Class Struggle

    Queer Liberation is Class Struggle



    "In the past two years, the issue of gay marriage has dominated the scene of queer struggles. Some of us are actively supportive, others, grudgingly supportive, and more others who rail that yet...

  9. Revolutionary Class-Struggle Anarchism

    Revolutionary Class-Struggle Anarchism

    Wayne Price


    We are constantly being told that the only economy that works is the capitalist market economy. However, events over the last few months have shown this to be a lie. Capitalism is a crazy way in...

  10. Combative Unionism

    Combative Unionism

    Waging Class War Within Labour

    Prairie Struggle Collective


    Bringing forward insights that aim to make us more effective in reaching our goals as revolutionaries, “Combative Unionism” illustrates a specific strategy that should be applied within the labour...

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