AK Press is now accepting speculative fiction submissions for the Black Dawn Series!

Honoring anarchist traditions while also remembering the great Octavia E. Butler, Black Dawn seeks to explore themes that do not reinforce dependency on oppressive forces (the State, police, capitalism, elected officials) and will generally express the values of antiracism, feminism, anticolonialism, and anti-capitalism. We are for queerness, Blackness, antifascism, and for both dreaming and building better worlds. We believe the voices of the disenfranchised MUST be heard and are essential in establishing a society in which no one is allowed or desires to be placed in positions of power over others. With its natural creation of alternate universes and world-building, speculative fiction acts as a perfect tool for imagining various avenues that can be pursued to bring forth a just and free world.
Agents and authors are encouraged to submit science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, horror, and mystery works of 25,000 to 55,000 words to fictionsubmissions@akpress.org. Welcome, friends, to Black Dawn!
—Sanina L. Clark, series editor