Beyond Black and White From Civil Rights to Barack Obama

Manning Marable (Author)

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Publisher: Verso
Binding: pb
Pages: 320
Released: November 8, 2016
ISBN-13: 9781784787660

Many in the US, including Barack Obama, have called for a "post-racial" politics: yet race still divides the country politically, economically and socially. In this highly acclaimed work, Manning Marable rejects both liberal inclusionist strategies and the separatist politics of the likes of Louis Farrakhan. Beginning by looking back at African-American politics and the fight against racism of the recent past, outlining a trenchant analysis of the "New Racial Domain" that must be uprooted, he argues powerfully for a "transformationist" strategy, which retains a distinctive black cultural identity but draws together all the poor and exploited in a united struggle against oppression.
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