Beyond Self-Defense How to Say No, Set Boundaries, and Reclaim Your Agency

Shihan Michelle (Author)


Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 160
Released: March 26, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781623179984

An empowering guide to safety, risk assessment, and personal protection.

This is not your average self-defense book. As educator, martial artist, movement analyst, somatic therapist, and rape crisis advocate Shihan Michelle explains, “Self-defense doesn’t work to prevent assault; it’s too late, you’re in a fight.” Instead, Michelle champions self-offense, a preventative personal protection strategy invested in defusing trouble before violence becomes necessary.

Beyond Self-Defense empowers you to prevent and de-escalate violence without resorting to physical contact. Including personal stories, interactive practices, and reflective prompts, this practical, accessible, and timely handbook teaches you how to craft your own unique protection protocols. Topics include how to:

  • Use your body weight to fend off attacks
  • Recognize the emotional triggers of others before they escalate
  • Unlearn common biases about safety and vulnerability
  • Use space and time to get the upper hand and control situations beforethey become unsafe
  • Challenge patriarchal social standards and claim your voice—and your space

The founder and lead instructor of Self Offense Services, Michelle is a sixth degree black belt in Full Contact karate who gives workshops in assault prevention, boundaries, listening, de-escalation, and bullying prevention.

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