Begin The World Over

Kung Ki Sun (Author)


Publisher: AK Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 260
Released: May 3, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781849354721

Begin the World Over is a fictional alternate history of how the Founders’ greatest fear—that Black and indigenous people might join forces to undo the newly formed United States—comes true.

In 1793, as revolutionaries in the West Indies take up arms, James Hemings, has little interest in joining the fight for liberté —talented and favored, he is careful to protect his relative comforts as Thomas Jefferson’s enslaved chef. But when he meets Denmark Vesey, James is immediately smitten. The formidable first mate persuades James to board his ship, on its way to the revolt in St. Domingue. There and on the mainland they join forces with a diverse cast of characters, including a gender nonconforming prophetess, a formerly enslaved jockey, and a Muskogee horse trader. The resulting adventure masterfully mixes real historical figures and events with a riotous retelling of a possible history in which James must decide whether to return to his constrained but composed former life, or join the coalition of Black revolutionaries and Muskogee resistance to fight the American slavers and settlers.


Kung Li Sun is a lifelong southerner raised in an immigrant family and currently based in Georgia. As a public interest attorney, she brought class action lawsuits on behalf of people in prisons and jails where Sun challenged the conditions of confinement in prisons and jails, institutionalized police abuses, and deficiencies in public defender systems. He left lawyering to support undocumented and abolitionist organizers as a strategist and trainer, and to write. This is their first novel. 

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