Banksy's Bristol Home Sweet Home

Banksy (Artwork); Steve Wright (Author)

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Publisher: Last Gasp
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 103
Released: January 3, 2009
ISBN-13: 9780867197082

A revealing account of Banksy's formative years, with more than 100 images of his art as well as pictures of Banksy at work, many of which have never been published before.

This book is a celebration of Banksy's art in his home city of Bristol, England. It places Banksy in the context of 3D (Massive Attack), Inkie, Nick Walker and the other artists and musicians who were instrumental in linking Bristol to the original New York hip hop scene. Venue magazine's art editor, Steve Wright, explores the streets of Banksy's Bristol and interviews many of the people who worked with Banksy in his early years. He traces Banksy's roots back to the rave culture of the '90s and draws a rounded picture of an artist who is most famous for being anonymous.

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