Anarchy in the USSR A New Beginning

Philip Ruff (Editor)


Publisher: ASP
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 80
Released: January 1, 1991
ISBN-13: 9781872258065

"Seventy years after the death of Kropotkin, the massacre of the Kronstadt Commune and the rout of Makhno, the Party which outlawed anarchism in Russia has itself become a banned organization. But anarchy in the USSR has made a new beginning.

"Might anarchism now fill the ideological vacuum left by the collapse of Marxism?

"Here, with commentaries from some of their West-European comrades, the new Russian anarchists speak for themselves about their ideas, and of how anarchy may bring a new order, based on freedom, to the chaos of the USSR."

Edited and with an introduction by Philip Ruff.
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