Anarchism and Its Aspirations

Cindy Milstein (Author)


Publisher: AK Press / Institute for Anarchist Studies
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 152
Released: January 5, 2010
ISBN-13: 9781849350013

From nineteenth-century newspaper publishers to the participants in the "battle of Seattle" and the recent Greek uprising, anarchists have been inspired by the ideal of a free society of free individuals—a world without hierarchy or domination. But what exactly would that look like, and how can we get there? Anarchism and Its Aspirations provides an accessible overview of an often-misunderstood political philosophy, highlighting its principles and practices as well as its reconstructive vision of a liberatory society.

"A brilliant primer of anarchist politics."
—Matt Hern, author of Common Ground in a Liquid City

"I expect Anarchism and Its Aspirations to become the introduction to anarchism of the next decade."
—Gabriel Kuhn, editor of Gustav Landauer's Revolution and Other Writings

"A road map to the many social and cultural movements that anarchism has traversed . . . a testimony to its continuing ability to capture the radical imagination."
—Silvia Federici, author of Caliban and the Witch

"Uncompromising, practical, and hopeful, this book is essential reading for all who are taking on climate change, war, or corporate capitalism."
—David Solnit, coauthor of The Battle of the Story of the "Battle of Seattle"

Cindy Milstein is an Institute for Anarchist Studies board member and a co-organizer of the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference. Her essays have appeared in several anthologies, including Realizing the Impossible, Confronting Capitalism, and Globalize Liberation .

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