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An American Addiction

An American Addiction

Drugs, Guerillas, Counterinsurgency—US Intervention In Colombia

Noam Chomsky (Audio)

  • Publisher: AK Press
  • Format: CD
  • Binding: CD
  • Released: Jan 10, 2001
  • ISBN-13: 9781902593449

Published by AK Press


"Colombia has been the leading recipient of US arms and training in the Western Hemisphere through the 1990s. It has also had the worst human rights record by far in the Western Hemisphere during these years. That correlation is one of the best correlations in contemporary history... It's a very important correlation that should be known and understood by the people who are paying for it. That's us. And it will get worse. —Noam Chomsky, from the CD
Clinton's last act as President was to authorize $1.7 billion in military aid to Colombia. Bush has already added almost another billion dollars. In a clear, concise, and sometimes bitterly funny, lecture, Noam Chomsky shows us who is getting the money, who is producing and exporting the drugs, and what the war on the ground is really about.
"There's an official story having to do with the so-called Drug War. That's not taken seriously by any competent analyst... The Drug Enforcement Agency issued a major report about a year ago in which they pointed out that at every level of the Colombian government there's direct and extensive involvement in narco-trafficking. That includes the military. That includes the paramilitaries. In fact, the paramilitaries have announced publicly that 70% of their funding comes from narco-trafficking. That's where the anti-drug money is going."
In the ongoing debate over whether Colombia will become the "next Vietnam," Chomsky's analysis provides the real sordid story of the Colombian elite, American imperialism, and how "development" works.
"If you make it impossible for peasants to survive, and when they produce the only thing they can produce to feed their children, and then you go after them with biological and chemical weapons and gunships, they're going to go deeper into the Amazon, cross the border in Ecuador and grow more drugs. The narco-traffickers and the military will gain. That's more or less the same people. The small number of landowners who have taken over most of the wealth of the country are going to gain... That's the result of the Colombia plan."

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