All Power To The People

Albert Nuh Washington


Publisher: Abraham Guillen Press/Arm the Spirit
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 114
Released: January 13, 2002
ISBN-13: 9781894820219

Albert "Nuh" Washington was a solider in the Black Liberation Army. As a result, he spent 29 years of his life as a political prisoner, before passing away from cancer. This is the largest collection of his essays, poetry, and interviews in print. Proceeds go to the Memorial Fund set up in his name by the Jericho Amnesty Movement to assist political prisoners with their medical needs. "I want to leave you with a positive note, and that is that in struggling you never lose. We had a poster that said, in revolution one wins or dies, and a revolutionary never dies, 'cause his ideas live within the people and his comrades. And this goes on and on. So it's incumbent upon us to teach others so that we can pass on the torch. It's important for our younger people to learn from us and question us critically and don't take no easy answers from us."
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