After the Holocene Planetary Politics for Commoners

Gene Ray (Author)

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Publisher: Autonomedia
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 226
Released: April 29, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781570274244

Capitalist modernity has ended the Holocene.

The epoch of planetary heating and climate chaos has begun. Business-as-usual is leading to hothouse earth and mass extinction, but how to pull the emergency brake on the extraction and techno-acceleration regime?

Alternatives exist, but the capitalist classes are blocking them. This book argues that one such alternative, commoning, offers first steps on a pathway to metabolic sanity and collective self-rescue. As the mutualist and more-than-human association of direct producers, commons ecologies will be a necessary and buildable factor in the strategic struggle to disarm, power down and abolish capitalism.

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