40th Century Man Selected Verse: 1996–1966

Andy Clausen (Author)


Publisher: Autonomedia
Binding: pb
Pages: 192
Released: January 6, 1997
ISBN-13: 9781570270642

"Andy Clausen's character voice is heroic, a vox populi of the democratic unconscious. His comments on the enthusiastic Sixties, defensive Seventies, unjust Eighties and bullying Nineties present a genuine authority in America not voiced much in little magazine print, less in newspapers of record, never in political theatrics through Oval Office airwaves. The expensive bullshit of Government TV poetics suffers diminution of credibility placed side by side with Mr. Clausen's direct information and sad raw insight. Would he were, I'd take a chance on a President Clausen!" -- Allen Ginsberg
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