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Monthly Review

Monthly Review

An Independent Socialist Magazine

Monthly Review (Editor)

  • Publisher: Monthly Review
  • Format: Magazine
  • Binding: zine/journal
  • Pages: 64
  • Released: Oct 22, 2014

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It's monthly. It's fiercely anti-capitalist, and independent. It's superb. It ought to be mandatory reading for anyone/everyone w ho cares even a teensy bit about what's going on, and how to change it for the better. Each month brings a new digest-sized, spined, 64 page magazine, typically with three lengthy essays/articles, and a plethora of reviews, and analysis of what's going on, home, abroad, in your backyard, and over there.

November's issue is jam packed! "Thomas Piketty & the Crisis of Neoclassical Economics," "Against Hardt and Negri," "Which Path to Ecological Civilization in China," a poem by Marge Piercy and more!

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