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Become a Friend of AK Press!

We love all of our friends, but the Friends of AK Press Program is what allows us to continue to bring you the best in anarchist and radical publishing, consistently, year after year.

Over the course of the last 12 months, AK Press published around 20 new titles. In the next year, with your help, we should be able to publish even more. The Friends of AK program helps ensure that anarchist history and contemporary thought finds its rightful place in our communities. Your contribution is integral to our mission of circulating anarchist ideas in a world desperately in need of them.

Money is tight, as ever, and as we do not rely on outside funding it remains tight, while the need for our books is greater than ever. We need your help to make and keep these crucial materials available. We already have a huge backlog of excellent material we would like to publish sooner rather than later. With the generous support of the Friends of AK, we will be able to put out even more of the projects we’ve got planned for this coming season.

The Friends of AK Press program is a way that you can directly help us to realize these and other such projects, much faster. Friends pay a minimum (of course, we have no objection to larger sums) of $10 a month (for discount only) | $15 a month (for ebooks) | $25 per month (for print books) | $35 (for print and ebooks), for a minimum three month period, into our publishing account. All Friends are entitled to a 50% discount on any AK Press published titles or AK gear ordered from us, and 20% off EVERYTHING else we carry; and better yet, Friends who sign up at the e-book or print book subscription levels automatically receive (for the duration of their membership), as they appear, one FREE copy of EVERY new AK Press title in their selected format.

As a bonus, all new Friends of AK Press also receive a stylish Friends of AK Press tote bag as a thank-you gift. 

Print-Only Friends of AK Press Subscription


$25 a month in the US. 
($30 Canada, $35 Elsewhere)


The classic: Get a copy of every new AK Press book in the mail. Plus a 50% discount on any additional AK titles you buy, and a 20% discount on everything else!
E-Book-Only Friends of AK Press Subscription
$15 a month worldwide.
New and DRM-free: Get a copy of every new AK Press book in ePub or mobi format sent to you via email and a 50% discount on any additional AK titles you buy, plus a 20% discount on everything else!
Friends of AK EbooksPrint & E-book Friends of AK Press Combined Subscription
$35 a month in the US. 
($40 Canada, $45 Elsewhere)
Wanna have it all? Now you can: Get a copy of every new AK Press book in ePub or mobi format sent to you via email, and a copy of the print book in the mail. Plus a 50% discount on any additional AK titles you buy, and a 20% discount on everything else!
Friends of AK Press Discount Program


$10 a month worldwide. 


On a budget? You can still support anarchist publishing, and get great discounts in the process: 50% off all AK Press titles and AK gear, and 20% off everything else! 

Here's what some Friends of AK have said about the program

  • "In an age when virtually all of the news media and publishing houses are owned by a dozen or so corrupt mega-corporations, AK Press is like a fresh breeze of truth blowing through a stagnant room. I am extremely proud to help support their fine work—and, hey, I get all their latest cool books and DVDs every month in return." —Dave Id of

  • "I have been a Friend of AK Press now for several years. I recommend it to everyone I know. The selections are always interesting, and it's always a gift and surprise, or so it feels, when the monthly package comes. Even if the selection contains something that I might not myself have chosen, it still is always relevant and interesting, and I clearly would have missed valuable insight! The books that AK Press publishes show a viewpoint and perspective that you find almost nowhere else: uncompromising, and fearless. And they cover an incredibly wide spectrum of anarchist history... The only drawback is that it makes the annual trip to the SF Anarchist Bookfair less spectacular, as you'll already have read all the books on offer you'll be interested in!" —Jay from Aptos, CA

  • "Most successful movements historically have included their own literature. For the modern anarchist and anti-capitalist movements, AK Press has been a beacon on the long horizon of struggle towards social change. My Friends of AK Press membership brings to my doorstep some of the best books of the year while providing real direct support to a project that I adore." –Harjit Singh Gill, board member, Institute for Anarchist Studies

  • "Aw, shucks. I'm so glad to be a friend of AK. No other press today publishes the radical ideas reflecting movements of yesterday and informing our struggles today. The work of AK needs to be supported and I strongly urge everyone to give what they can to ensure that this literature continues to be published. Plus, you get in the mail the latest titles, an incredible bonus." —Yvonne Yen Liu, Applied Research Center (Publisher of ColorLines magazine and

  • "I am very proud to be able to support the good work that AK Press does, year after year. The changes that we all want to effect in our society do not happen overnight, and they do not come easily. The work of publishing, of getting ideas, history, and support out to people who need it, is vital...A project like AK cannot, unfortunately, be run on good will and hard work alone. They need our financial support as well. Much as we all want to live in a society that does not work this way, we don’t yet. Think of all the money that you spend that goes to profits for those at the top: wouldn’t you rather redirect at least some of that money towards a better world?" —Erik from Oakland, CA

  • "Being a Friend of AK provides me with a cheap anarchist university. I get to read all the latest in theory and action without the tuition costs. And then people think I'm smart and give me free brownies. Sweet! Thanks AK Press!" —James Generic of Wooden Shoe Books, Philadelphia

We also have a program where groups or individuals can sponsor a whole book. Please contact us for details.