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Floodgates of Anarchy

Floodgates of Anarchy

Stuart Christie (Author); Albert Meltzer (Author)

  • Publisher: PM Press
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Released: Jun 7, 2010
  • ISBN-13: 9781604861051


"Coming from a position of uncompromising class struggle…[this book] has a power and directness sadly missing from some contemporary anarchist writing. It is exciting to see it back in print, ready for a new generation to read." —Barry Pateman, associate editor, Emma Goldman Papers

Back in print and featuring a new foreword, this polemic approaches the subject of anarchism in relation to class struggle. It presents an argument against class-based society and hierarchy and advocates for a free and equal society based on individual dignity and merit. Drawing from the authors' experiences as activists and documenting the activities of other 20th-century anarchists—including clandestine activities and social change by any means—this fundamental text asserts that government is the true enemy of the people and that only through the dissolution of government can the people put an end to exploitation and war, leading to a fully free society.

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