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  1. Sin Eater

    Sin Eater

    Angela Hibbs


    Sin Eater reassembles the seven deadly sins to reflect a modern context and culture. For her third collection, Angela Hibbs explores and dissects the everyday and the extraordinary:...

  2. The End of the World as We Know It?

    The End of the World as We Know It?

    Crisis, Resistance, and the Age of Austerity

    Deric Shannon

    $22.95 $17.21

    This book brings together a unique collection of political economists, social theorists, and movement participants to examine financial collapse and its aftermath. A sobering look at the limits of...

  3. The Method of Freedom

    The Method of Freedom

    An Errico Malatesta Reader

    Errico Malatesta

    $21.95 $16.46

    Designed as a companion volume to the ten-volume set of Malatesta's Complete Works (forthcoming!), The Method of Freedom collects Malatesta's most enduring long-form essays--including...

  4. Anarchists in the Boardroom

    Anarchists in the Boardroom

    How Social Media and Social Movements Can Help Your Organisation to be More Like People

    Liam Barrington-Bush


    There are lessons emerging all around us, in the new social movements that have swept the globe, and in the organising patterns found on social media. Could Twitter and Occupy help our NGOs,...

  5. The Winter We Danced

    The Winter We Danced

    Voices from the Past, the Future, and the Idle No More Movement

    The Kino-nda-niimi Collective


    The Winter We Danced is a vivid collection of writing, poetry, lyrics, art and images from the many diverse voices that make up the past, present, and future of the Idle No More movement....

  6. "The Power of Neighborhood" and The Commons

    "The Power of Neighborhood" and The Commons



    The anonymous Swiss author of bolo’bolo and Akiba offers a new practical proposal for reshaping the future, based on this prognosis of the present: “Our economic...

  7. Agents & Assets

    Agents & Assets

    Witnessing the War on Drugs and on Communities

    Los Angeles Poverty Department


    Agents & Assets reenacts a 1998 hearing transcript from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigating alleged CIA involvement in crack cocaine trafficking into the LA...

  8. Perspectives On Anarchist Theory

    Perspectives On Anarchist Theory

    Lara Messersmith-Glavin


    Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies (copublishers of our "Anarchist Interventions" series). It includes recent essays by IAS-supported...

  9. The Devil's Anarchy

    The Devil's Anarchy

    The Sea Robberies of the Most Famous Pirate Claes G. Compaen & the Very Remarkable Travels of Jan Erasmus Reyning, Buccaneer

    Stephen Snelders


    By rebelling against hierarchical society and living under the Jolly Roger, pirates created an upside-down world of anarchist organization and festival, with violence and death ever-present....

  10. The Radical Bishop and Gay Consciousness

    The Radical Bishop and Gay Consciousness

    The Passion of Mikhail Itkin

    Mikhail Itkin


    Bishop Mikhail Francis Itkin was known in the gay radical world as a non-violent anarchist and activist—as well as an independent openly-gay bishop. He was a stumbling block to radicals and a...

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